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Apartment for sale in Thimphu, Bhutan, embracing the essence of the city's cultural richness, modernity, and breathtaking landscapes. Stunning residence offers a captivating blend of architectural elegance, panoramic vistas, and a serene ambiance that beckons residents to a lifestyle of tranquility and comfort. one is greeted by meticulously landscaped gardens adorned with native flora, creating a serene pathway leading to the entrance. The exterior showcases a harmonious fusion of traditional Bhutanese design elements and modern architecture, reflecting the city's commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing progress.

The living area is a haven of relaxation, adorned with large windows that frame awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and perhaps the majestic Tashichho Dzong in the distance. The interior design elegantly marries Bhutanese motifs with contemporary furnishings, creating an inviting space for both solitude and social gatherings. The apartment boasts meticulously designed bedrooms that exude comfort and tranquility. The master suite, with its generous proportions and panoramic windows, offers an unparalleled view of Thimphu's skyline.

Location of this apartment in Thimphu places it within easy reach of essential amenities such as markets, renowned educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and cultural landmarks. Additionally, its proximity to major transportation arteries facilitates seamless connectivity to various parts of the city, allowing for convenient commuting and exploration.

Apartment in Thimphu, offering a lifestyle that seamlessly merges Bhutanese traditions with contemporary comforts. For specific and current property listings, detailed information, or property viewings, reaching out to local real estate professionals or agencies specializing in Bhutanese real estate is recommended.

Apartment available for sale in Thimpnu are listed below

Super Luxury 4-BHK flat for sale at BABESA-THIMPHU

✅ Second Floor
✅ Ready to Shift.
✅ Big sitting room -Spacious Living & Dining
✅ Kitchen with modular cabinets and Exhaust
✅ 3 Wash-bathrooms.
✅ Wash-room European style
✅ 4 Modern Balcony
✅ Total 4 Bedrooms.
✅ Parking space Available
✅ Material-Jaguar fittings, Half Paneling, and Laminated Flooring
✅ 2 master bedroom.
✅ Building Area-4064 sq. ft under UV-2
✅ Modern Floor flooring
✅ Master bedroom with Attached Restroom
✅ Water 24/7 Available
✅ Facilities of Building Caretaker

Building for Sale at Taba- Thimphu

✔️5-Storied Building -G+4 +Attic
✔️ 2 Units of Commercial space with 1 BHK flats
✔️ 3 BHK – 8 Units flats
✔️ 2 BHK- 1 Units -Attic
✔️ Building Area-11.08 Decimal (4826 Sq.ft )
✔️ Location- Prime Area
✔️ Location- New Taba Town, Thimphu.
✔️ Geysers in All Bathrooms and Kitchen.
✔️ Individual Ownership.
✔️ Loan Transferable
✔️ Bit negotiable
✔️ Parking Available
✔️Water 24*7
✔️ +975-77417788 / +975-17556688

Two Building for Sale at Bebena- Thimphu

Building # 1 – Details
✔️ 3 Units – Commercial Space with 1 BHK Room
✔️ 3 BHK- 6 Units flats
✔️ 2BHK–1 Unit Flat
✔️ Location -Prime Area
✔️ Building Area-10.92 Decimal (4757 Sq.Ft )
Building # 2- Details
✔️ 3BHK–5Unitsflats
✔️ 1BHK–8Unitsflats
✔️ Building Area-10.92 Decimal (4757 Sq.ft )
✔️ Location- Prime Area Basement Parking
✔️ Year of completion -2023
✔️ Geysers in All Bathrooms and Kitchen.
✔️ Good Sunlight Coverage.
✔️ Individual Ownership.
✔️ Loan Transferable
✔️ Bit negotiation able
✔️ Basement Parking
✔️ Year of completion -2020
✔ +975-77417788 / +975-17556688
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