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The four valleys that make up Bumthang are Chokhor, Tang, Ura, and Chhume. Each valley adds unique charm to the area. The most well-known valley, Chokhor, is home to Jakar, the district capital, and is peppered with historical sites that tell tales of Bhutan's past. Apple orchards, charming meadows, and terraced fields adorn the landscape, combining to create a picturesque scene that encapsulates rural Bhutanese life.

The holy sites of Bumthang are the beating heart of the city's culture. The "Castle of the White Bird," Jakar Dzong, is a historically significant and architecturally stunning structure that rises majestically on a ridge overlooking the Chokhor Valley. The holy caves of Kurje Lhakhang bear the footprints of the saintly figure Guru Rinpoche.

The benefits of owning land in Bumthang are numerous and include both material and immaterial assets that this center of culture has to offer. The area offers a chance for those looking for a peaceful and deeply culturally immersive living environment because of its distinct charm, which is defined by its spiritual atmosphere and pristine natural beauty. Acquiring land in Bumthang extends an invitation to become a member of a community that values customs and synchronizes with the natural cycles.

The benefits of land ownership are reinforced practically by the fertile valleys of Bumthang's potential for agriculture. In addition to adding to the area's aesthetic appeal, its apple orchards and terraced fields provide opportunities for farming activities. Bumthang's apples are known for their excellence, and those who own land in the area can

Land available for sale in Bumthang are listed below:

5 Land for sale at Jakar- Bumtang

✅ Land 1: 80 Decimal.
✅ Land 2: 100 Decimal.
✅ Land 3: 100.1 Decimal.
✅ Land 4: 100.1 Decimal.
✅ Land 5: 60 Decimal.


✅ Road, electricity and water connected.
✅ Individual Lagtharm.
✅ Dry Land.
✅ Good view and location.

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