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Southwest Bhutan's Chukha is well known for its significant contribution to the nation's hydropower output. Chukha Hydropower Plant, an innovative project that uses the Wang Chhu River's energy, is located in the district. The plant, which stands in for Bhutan's dedication to clean and sustainable energy, is not only an engineering marvel but also a representation of the country's lush green hills and bubbling waterfalls. The river's rhythm, a dependable ally in Chukha's efforts to strike a balance between development and environmental awareness, breaks up the area's serene scenery.

Bhutan's oldest hydroelectric plant, Chukha, has been instrumental in determining the evolution of the nation's energy system. The Wang Chhu is crossed by the dam, which creates a sizable reservoir.

Purchasing land in Chukha comes with a special set of benefits that stem from the area's dedication to sustainable growth and the peaceful coexistence of human activity and the environment. A symbol of development, the Chukha Hydropower Plant supports Bhutan's economy and gives its people access to a steady supply of electricity. Buying land in Chukha entails joining a community that benefits from clean energy, taking pleasure in a constant supply of power, and helping to preserve Bhutan's natural heritage.

Chukha landowners have an additional benefit due to the district's advantageous location and accessibility. Chukha, tucked away between Thimphu, the capital, and Phuentsholing, the Indian border town, is an important part of the transportation system. Purchasing land here guarantees

Land available for sale in Chukha are listed below

Land for Sale at Chukha

Net area: 3.13 Acres
✅Dry Land .
✅ Allowed to construct G+2.
✅ Individual Ownership.
✅ Road, Electricity and water connected to plot.
✅ Location-Jaachog-Chukha
✅ Near highway.
✅ Land Shape: Gentle Plain
✅Kindly contact Bhutan Real Estate:
Mobile No.: 📞 +975-17776794.

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